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Welcome to the Drimpton village website

We are a small rural community in West Dorset made up of the village of Drimpton and its neighbouring hamlets of Netherhay and Greenham. We hope you find your online visit to our community useful, helpful and even entertaining.

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Affordable Housing
for local people

‘Tree House’ is based in part on a true story. In Drimpton, there was a field right in the centre of the village. Although it had planning permission, the field lay empty and unused for decades. During that time it became a children’s paradise, overgrown and untended. It was the perfect place for secret dens and hideaways. Over the years generations of children built a tree house there. When, in 2000, the developers moved in and the land was cleared in readiness to build the houses on Applefield Road and Marksmead, some of these children, now grown up, got themselves jobs there in various capacities, helping demolish the tree house they had helped to build, before putting up new houses in the heart of the village where they grew up; houses which they would never be able to afford to buy themselves.

Tree House is a story of love and dreams, promises and betrayals, hope and redemption, shot through with warmth, humour and compassion. It relates to the fortunes of three people whom we first encounter as children playing in a tree house on the edge of a village. We follow each of them as they navigate their way along the different rungs of social and property ladder. Some years later fate conspires to bring all three back to the tree house, where old scores are settled in a final act of reckoning.

Bus services

South West Coaches run a bus service No.96 between Chard and Yeovil calling a Drimpton (Netherhay Lane) Five times daily (Mon-Fri) and three times on Saturday.

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